Sufferers of Vaccine Side Effects Rally

Senators SHIMABUKURO, RUDERMAN, Gabbard, Inouye, Kim and Moriwaki introduced SB 2270. The bill “authorizes conscientious beliefs as a basis for exemption from vaccination requirements. Requires that the first option for quarantine of an individual be quarantined inside that individual’s residence.

According to KITV4 New, Lt. Gov. Josh Green issued the following statement, “Everyone in our community is entitled to their beliefs. I respect that. But because we share everything in society now (schools, parks, hospitals, beaches, public spaces), the anti-vaccination movement creates a fundamental problem for many innocent and vulnerable people, placing them  at great risk. If we share society, we must share the responsibility to prevent disease outbreaks.”

Also according to a report from KITV4 news, “other high profile speakers included anti-vaccine activists Bobby Kennedy Jr and medical science journalist Del Bigtree.”

“Nobody knows what the risk profile is,” Kennedy said. “These products are making billions of dollars in a $50 billion industry. The same companies are making $500 billion a year selling the treatments for the diseases that are being caused by vaccines.”

“We proved that there’s never been a single safety study done on vaccinations that we give our kids,” said Bigtree, who produced the documentary “Vaxxed.” “Instead, they just tell us they’re safe without any proof. And what we’re seeing is the greatest declining public health we’ve seen in human history.”

According to the website, Hawaii for Informed Consent, “Hawai’i now is beholden to all ACIP vaccine recommendations and administrative guidelines:

  • To be eligible for school in Hawai’i—public or private, from daycare thru college freshmen—the Department of Health has mandated that all of ACIP’s federally recommended vaccines may become requirementsSee Hawaii’s  new requirements, effective July 1st, 2020.
  • Watch this video to see the reckless decision-making process of ACIP in action:”
  • ACIP renders the American public as virtual post-marketing guinea pigs by unanimously approving this new vaccine, (which incorporates a novel immune-stimulating adjuvant), even despite the FDA’s clear concern over heart attacks observed during clinical trials. Included in the post-marketing data collection is a “pregnancy registry” where pregnant women who receive the new, incompletely tested vaccine can be followed for adverse events.
  • At HFIC’s request, Governor Ige was briefed in-person by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about his federal lawsuit for fraud against Gardasil’s manufacturer, Merck, and was warned by MIT researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff about strong association between vaccines and the current epidemic of chronic illness in American children. Despite this vital information, Ige approved the proposed rule changes, including the controversial Gardasil HPV vaccine to be required for all seventh graders and beyond—BOYS AND GIRLS. Many Hawai’i residents came out to the rule change hearings in Nov-Dec 2018 to offer their moving testimonies in opposition. The testimonies merely were summarized for the decision-makers and not necessarily heard or seen on audio/video.
  • Almost every state across our nation is facing similar draconian governmental measures which violate freedom and body sovereignty. Coincidence? It is evident that adult mandates also are on the agenda, as evidenced by CA Senator Pan’s latest Resolution.

Senator Ruderman shared a story with the KITV4 news saying, Senator Ruderman shared his own experience as a child who almost died after receiving a smallpox vaccine.

“I went into a coma. I was one in half a million people who couldn’t take that vaccine,” Ruderman said. 

According the “Hawaii For Informed Consent” Facebook page, their group is “for people who live in Hawaii and are concerned about preserving our right to make choices about vaccine and other medical rights. We started January 2016 when we stood together to speak against bills aimed to strip Hawaiian residents of our freedoms and kept our freedom to make health choices. We will continue to introduce bills to protect our rights as well as fight any bills that threaten our freedom for Informed Consent. Like and comment on posts in the group to stay informed of legislative action. Contact administrators about how to get involved in legislative issues. Write to if you want to be updated about our group through email.”

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Voice your concerns and support of Senate Bill 2270 to allow vaccine exemptions based on conscientious beliefs.

SB2270 (PDF)

Report Title:Vaccinations; Exemptions
Description:Authorizes conscientious beliefs as a basis for exemption from vaccination requirements. Requires that the first option for quarantine of an individual be quarantined inside that individual’s residence.
Current Referral:CPH, JDC
Introducer(s):SHIMABUKURO, RUDERMAN, Gabbard, Inouye, Kim, Moriwaki
Sort by Date Status Text
1/21/2020SPassed First Reading.
1/21/2020SReferred to CPH, JDC.

S = Senate | H = House | D = Data Systems | $ = Appropriation measure | ConAm = Constitutional Amendment

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