Rat Lungworm Disease – Funding Article

For the third consecutive year, state legislators have attempted to secure appropriations to address Rat Lungworm Disease in Hawaii.

Sens. Russell Ruderman, Josh Green and the late Gil Kahele introduced a bill in 2015 that was carried over to last year’s session. That bill did not receive a hearing. Ruderman introduced a second bill last year that was heard before committees but did not cross over.

This year’s bills were introduced in the Senate by Kahele’s son, Kai, D-Hilo, who now sits in his father’s Senate District 1 seat, and in the House by freshman Rep. Chris Todd, D-Keaukaha, Hilo, Panaewa, Waiakea.

“It’s something the Big Island delegation has been pushing for for a while,” Todd said. Ruderman in particular, who represents Puna, has “really been an advocate for this.”

“It’s something we definitely want to take a look at, and it’s not something that’s really well known here in Honolulu because it’s primarily a rural issue,” Todd said.

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What is Rat Lungworm Disease?
Angiostrongylus cantonensis is a parasitic nematode (roundworm) that causes angiostrongyliasis, the most common cause of eosinophilic meningitis in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Basin. The nematode commonly resides in the pulmonary arteries of rats, giving it the nickname the rat lungwormAngiostrongylus cantonensis – Wikipedia

3 Responses to “Rat Lungworm Disease – Funding Article

  • Dana Longstreth
    4 years ago

    As a healthcare worker at Hilo Medical Center, I have seen the devasting effect of rattling disease. Often these individuals suffer permanent neurologic deficits that ravage their lives and the lives of their ohana. I am in full support in funding for research related to preventoin and treatment.
    Dana Longstreth M.S. CCC
    Speech Pathologist
    Hilo Medical Center

  • Tribendimidine
    Is the best remedy for rat lung

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