Puna Agricultural Park More Important Than Ever

When we first wrote about the Puna Ag Park funding release, “To finance a feasibility study for a potential agricultural park in Puna, Hawai‘i” it was four months after the lava disaster.

The need for food security in Puna becomes clear in times of island economic disruptions and global crisis.

If pandemics become a new normal, local grown, healthy food would be critical to our economy and self sufficiency. We must ensure we have the infrastructure necessary to serve Puna residents in need of jobs and food.

While 6,800 acres is not enough to serve the entire island’s needs it is a great start towards rebuilding a vibrant economy in Puna. We hope you will review the concepts and contribute to the discussion. We want to have this ready when the legislature returns from recess and prepare for post-election efforts as we build a strong agricultural community in Puna.

Recent ideas and comments:
“Might make a good place for a port or boat ramp.”
“If we can get long term leases, our farmer’s would be interested in diversifying our crops.”
“Would be great to be able to walk from our neighborhood in HPP to the ag park for food.”
“The location looks to be suitable for Hawaiians to build processing facilities on Hawaiian homeland with direct access to the park.”
“If we can pump cold water from the ocean, we could affordably refrigerate our crops while waiting for shipping to local stores or exporting to mainland.”
“Might be a great place to farm industrial hemp.”
“That park represents a lot of jobs for Puna, way to go!”
“Great place for solar. Could the processing facilities be solar powered?”

Download the Puna Ag Park Flyer

Read about the Capital Improvement Project funding release for the Puna Ag Park feasibility study.

Puna Ag Park Feasibility Questionnaire

  • The idea of this questionnaire is to collect feedback that we can share with the consultants during their feasibility study. The funds have been encumbered but we need your support to get to the next step in the process. Mahalo for sharing.
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