Political Campaigns are Fun

Hawaii Elections District 2 - Puna | KauIf you like to get together with friends, especially if you like to meet new friends, getting involved in a political campaign can be a lot of fun. Even if you’re not too into social scenes, joining a team to help build a better island feels good and you can see your efforts at work everyday. Positive impacts in the community start with local politics and yes, it’s fun to do.

We do crazy stuff like eat and drink and talk story about the issues affecting our island. We develop a deeper understanding of the issues but more importantly, “how we can create positive outcomes.” We work as a team to create larger impacts than our single vote might provide. We try to get more folks to register to vote in elections. We learn who in the legislature are making decisions that impact our community. We also learn how to improve our ability to work together. All of this combines into what seems like work from the outside but quickly shifts to a feeling of doing good for the community. We want you to join us.

District 2 Puna and Kau Elections - Russell RudermanThere’s a lot of ways you can participate. Got time and no money, volunteer. We’ll meet at the next event. Maybe you’d like to host an event or meeting?

More money than time, donate. We spend every dime as though it’s our last. We buy crazy stuff like bumper stickers, banners, signs and t-shirts. Every dime is spent wisely and used towards electing and re-electing the politicians we love.

If you have no time or money like many of us we want to hang out with you anyway. Because ohana is number one in Hawaii and the friends you meet in political campaigns are friends for life. We are laser-focused on creating positive changes in District 2 (Puna and parts of Kau). So come down to one of our events and meet the people who are creating positive change in our district.

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