Pohoiki Boat Ramp – Mixing Swimming with Boating Deemed Dangerous

State Senator Russell Ruderman and state Representative. Joy San Buenaventura address safety concerns at Pohohiki in Puna and the inherit danger of mixing swimmers and boat traffic.

Pohoiki contains the only boat ramp in Puna.

“On a hot sunny day, there will be 50 kids down there, all bouncing along in the water, and a boat comes along and the kids all swim out of the way,” Ruderman said Wednesday. “It’s an incredibly dangerous situation. There have been so many close calls, and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.”

The lawmakers are requesting $250,000 which would fund a feasibility study for a designated swimming area at Pohoiki. The proposal is filed as two concurrent bills, Senate Bill 841 and House Bill 1200. HB 1200 is scheduled to be heard today by the House Committee on Water and Land. Ruderman and San Buenaventura also are requesting $200,000 to fund a feasibility study for a harbor or port at Kapoho Bay. 

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