Lava Clearing On Highway 132 Begins

(BIVN) – Hawaiʻi County crews got to work on Monday morning, pushing a path over lava that covered Highway 132 during the 2018 eruption of Kīlauea Volcano.

According to the County, “the near-term goal is to reestablish access over a temporary road to homes and farms in the kipuka (land isolated by recent lava flows) along Highway 132, including connections to Government Beach Road and Lighthouse Road at Four Corners,” according to the latest update on the Kīlauea recovery page.

Isemoto Contracting Co. and Ludwig Construction Inc. are on the job, which will reportedly cost about $11.9 million.

“I’m really happy to see some local men on these machines that are actually families of this lower Puna area,” said Kapoho-resident Smiley Burrows. “These guys are from here, that are doing this work. They are awesome. I know they’re gonna do a great job. It’s amazing.”

“It’s really going to truly recover our community and bring things to some sense of normalcy again, as far as connectivity,” Burrows said. “Getting these roads open is really the the first step to recovery.”

Mahalo Big Island Video News for covering Highway 132 and Puna recovery efforts.

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