Keonepoko Relocation Funds Released

Great news, Governor Ige has released $1M in CIP funding for campus relocation for Keonepoko elementary!

Keonepoko Elementary

Aloha Senator Ruderman:
I am pleased to let you know that my administration has released funding for the following Capital Improvement Project(s) (CIP):

Name: Keonepoko Elementary, Campus Relocation, Hawai‘i
Description: Reimbursement of costs incurred for the transition/relocation of Keonepoko Elementary back from Keaau High School.
Amount Released: $1,000,000 – G.O. Bonds (Construction and Works of Art)

Mahalo for your work on behalf of the residents of your district to secure these funds.
Projects such as these are critical components of the public infrastructure and contribute to building a better home for our kupuna, keiki, and all the residents of Hawai‘i.

A list of released CIP and CIP Grants-In-Aid (GIA) will be emailed once a month.
By working collaboratively, we can climb the mountains of challenges that face Hawai‘i.

With warmest regards,
David Y. Ige
Governor, State of Hawai‘i


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