Hawai’i May Become First State to Ban Neurotoxin, Chlorpyrifos

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono

The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.

Dozens of organizations across Hawaii working together helped organize the biggest state-wide movement in decades, perhaps all time. Kauai led the charge with Sol Kahn and Gary Hooser asking the chemical companies growing seeds a simple question, “What are you spraying?” The unavailability of an answer from the companies led to the creation of Kauai County Bill 2491.

Each county and each island in Hawaii has its own safety needs. So other counties created and passed their own pesticide safety ordinances. All of these were struck down by a federal magistrate disallowing the bills created by voters. Hawaii does not provide a way for citizens to raise their own initiatives.

So pesticide safety rested once again in the hands of the largest chemical companies in the world who refused to say what they were spraying. Only two inspectors were responsible for checking the use of restricted use pesticides on all islands. Families across from the seed fields, simply thought cancer was the way everyone died. Something had to be done. Twice children in the same town were hospitalized from the pesticides volitalizing in the fields and carried by the trade winds into schools next door.

Senator Ruderman has been a long time advocate for the land and people of Hawaii. He’s testified not only for pesticide safety but for the people affected most by pesticides on Hawaii Island. Today many more people are aware of the dangers to children from neurotoxic pesticides like Chlorpyrifos. Cancer rates and birth defects linked to pesticide use by the largest chemical companies in the will now be more closely monitored. The major pesticide users include; Syngenta, Dow, DuPont, Pioneer and Bayer.

On Kauai, especially in Waimea, residents are still advised to close their windows at night to protect their children from pesticide drift. Now we have a right to ask what they are spraying, we expect to get answers to the high levels of poisons in our streams and rivers and curb the killing of our coral reefs.

Governor David Ige signed Senate Bill 3095 into law, which now prohibits the use of restricted pesticides within 100 feet of a school during normal hours beginning January 1st..  It also requires a permit to use pesticides containing the neurotoxin, Chlorpyrifos, as an active ingredient and totally bans the chemical in 2023.

Bill signing ceremony for Senate Bill 3095 -banning pesticides containing chlorpyrifos

Posted by Governor David Ige on Wednesday, June 13, 2018


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