Sen. Ruderman presents the Hawai’i Island MVP award to Nadia Malloe, representing Councilman Zendo Kern and the Hawai’i County Council, and poses with a not-so-little red fire ant.



March 3 9 was the 2nd Annual Hawai’i Invasive Species Awareness Week (HISAW), and the Capitol kicked it off with an awards ceremony honoring individuals, organizations, agencies and businesses that have made a difference in Hawai’i’s fight against invasive species. Senator Ruderman was delighted to present Zendo Kern and the Hawai’i County Council with the “Hawai’i Island MVP 2014″ award, for their introduction and unanimous approval of an ordinance which increases the county’s ability to remove hazardous trees and unsafe flora, and sets the precedent for removing invasive species such as the albizia tree and the little red fire ant.



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