Funds Released for Puna Boat Ramp Design Phase

I am happy to announce that the funding for the Puna Boat Ramp and Pier Capital Improvement Project (CIP) for the Puna Boat Ramp and Pier has been released!

These projects are an integral part of our district economic recovery, and has been one of my priorities for the district that I have been working hard to bring to fruition.

I would like to thank Governor Ige for releasing these funds – and Rep. Sylvia Luke, Chair of the House Finance Committee, and Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz, Chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee for working with me and making these funds a priority. These CIP’s will provide local jobs and help to fortify Puna’s economy for the long term.

Description: Release of funds for preliminary design and permitting to restore boat ramp and pier access in the Puna District on Hawaiʻi.

Amount Released: $500,000

Puna Boat Ramp Funds Released Letter from Governor Ige

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