Exemption on Certain Cesspool Connections to Expand Housing Options

More great news! This time regarding Senator Ruderman’s inquiry regarding housing additions on private property from the Dept. of Health.

This exemption allows new additions to homes or second buildings on residential lots without triggering the requirement to upgrade a cesspool to septic. This makes it much cheaper to add housing space to your home, to help create more housing for evacuees.
Mahalo Dr. Bruce Anderson.

From DOH:

This is to confirm that, under the circumstances, DOH will allow the connection of another building with bedrooms and bathrooms to an existing cesspool as long as it does not include a kitchen and as long as the total number of bedrooms connected to the existing cesspool does not exceed five (5).

This would not be a violation of federal regulations because the unit without a kitchen would not be considered a “dwelling unit” under EPA’s definition.

Administrative Rules (Chapter 11-62) would normally require an upgrade from a cesspool to a septic system as a condition of allowing this connection.

We will prepare a blanket variance of the upgrade requirement (from a cesspool to a septic system) to support this effort.

This waiver of the Administrative Rules will apply to Hawaii Island only.



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