Endorsement Kalikolehua Kanaele


Endorsement Kaliko Kanahele ”Russell will fight to protect and fund all of our children’s future, Russell as I am are new fathers again and we see our children’s future in danger of misrepresentation of corporate profit lobbyists for unsafe Geothermal practices, GMO DNA Splicing of poisons etc..into our foods vs Solar and other alternative safer sources, GMO does not gene splice that does not need poisons, the right to know who is really poisoning all of us. Most of all for me is the gifts of Living Hawaii, clean air, clean water, clean ocean clean land clean us and the groups that support each gift. Russell is doing an excellent job representing our concerns and finding the funding for our Districts not only on the east side, all the sides of all our Islands!
Re Elect Russell Ruderman for our Senator “cause that’s how the rest of the Senators and Representatives” will support our Districts and Islands funding stability of sending Russell again and again and again, So show our support and Re Elect Russell Ruderman as our Senator again YAY” -Kaliko Kanaele

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