Endoresment: Puna Pono Alliance

Endorsement | Puna Pono Alliance“Russell has been and remains a strong proponent for our community at the state. Now he needs our help, Sen Ruderman is being challenged by a well funded PGV/geothermal at any cost supporter in opponent Greggor Illigan. Illigan has consistently worked to block our efforts at the County Council and to help protect PGV’s interest at our expense. A good example of what we can expect is Illigan did nothing to help us after tropical storm Isselle when PGV gassed the community and made over 100 people sick while they were trapped in their homes. Illigan has a record of consistently refusing to understand the long history of dangerous toxic exposures we have endured at PGV’s hands, and instead maintains PGV operates safely — he believes that the community is not telling the truth, that hundreds of people are lying about how PGV’s toxic releases effect us.
This primary race comes down to determining if Illigan — the guy who represents the corporate polluters at all of our expense, and it is not just PGV — goes to the general election in November, or if Senator Ruderman goes back to represent us. You have a chance to vote for corporate interest in Illigan or for the community in reelecting sen Ruderman.” – Puna Pono Alliance

Things you can do, (1) please vote for Russell, (2) volunteer to help with phone calls and or (3) consider contributing to his campaign if you can.

Here is how you can connect with Russell:

Facebook: Friends of Russell Ruderman

Or mail your donation to:
Friends of Russell Ruderman
HC 1 Box 5352
Keaau HI 96749

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