Citizen Initiatives – Power To The People – Voters Want More Control

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State Sen. Russell Ruderman, a Democrat representing Puna and Kau, was the author of the Senate direct initiative and term limits bills. He called the poll results heartening.

“I think people are extra-frustrated with our state Legislature after all the things we failed at last year,” Ruderman said. “One example is death with dignity, which has overwhelming support and is arguably the biggest issue we are facing. But it dies without an explanation.”

Q: Should Hawaii enact a system of citizen initiatives, binding referendums and recalls?States including California, Colorado, Oregon and Arizona also have a popular referendum process, where voters may petition to “demand a popular vote” on a new law passed by a legislature.

Recall allows citizens to remove and replace a public official before a term ends. “In most of the 19 recall states, specific grounds are not required, and the recall of a state official is held by an election,” according to the NCSL.

Another poll respondent, Kelina Anderson of Kailua, supports having statewide referendums and initiatives. “I love that idea,” she said. “More voices will be heard. Because people are super-busy, we can’t go down to the Legislature.”


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