Big Island Electric Vehicle Association event in Hilo

Speaking at the Big Island Electric Vehicle Association event in Hilo.

Electric vehicles play a big role in reducing our carbon emissions. The Hawaiian Islands play a crucial role because we are an ideal proving ground for EVs.

Kudos to BIEVA for their advocacy in establishing much-needed charging stations around the island! 

“With rebates prices are about $20k, comparable to similar cars. And even w/o solar panels it saves a lot of money compared to gas. And consider: no engine, very few moving parts, no tune-ups, no oil, no cooling system. And then there’s the priceless feeling of ignoring gas stations! I have a Leaf on Oahu and I love it, and my next Big Island vehicle will be electric.”

The new crop of EVs features 200 mile ranges, even on modest cars. With a network of charging stations around the island along with better prices, it is more inviting than ever. Please consider an emission-free vehicle!

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