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We thought you might be interested in a list of bills that Senator Ruderman has introduced this Legislative session.  Several of them (highlighted with a bold ” Submit Testimony” link) have been scheduled for hearing already, while others are yet to be heard. The deadline for bills that must go on to another committee is Feb 13.

We hope you consider submitting testimony on any bills you support (or oppose too).  Guidance on how to do this is below.

Mahalo for all your input. Feel free to contact us should you have any concerns or questions.

SB2955Expands the coffee labeling and advertising requirements to include ready-to-drink coffee beverages and inner wrapping or packaging labels. Effective 7/1/2021.S 1/27/2020: Referred to AEN, CPH.
SB2474Requires the use of best practices, as identified by DOA and Hawaii Ant Lab, for the treatment of little fire ants by pest control operators. Authorizes DOA and the pest control board to adopt rules to carry out the requirement. Requires DOA and the pest control board to post any rules and best practices on their respective websites.S 1/27/2020: The committee(s) on AEN has scheduled a public hearing on 02-05-20 1:15PM in conference room 224.
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SB2956Prohibits the importation of unroasted coffee into the State, makes it a class C felony, and imposes a fine for violation of the prohibition. Authorizes DOA to adopt rules to allow for the importation of partially roasted coffee into the State.S 1/27/2020: Referred to AEN, JDC/CPH.
SB2957Appropriates moneys to DOA for the pesticide subsidy program.S 1/27/2020: Referred to AEN, WAM.
SB2954Requires all retail food establishments using any food service ware for any food prepared or packaged on premises to use biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, or reusable food service ware.S 1/27/2020: Referred to AEN/CPH, JDC.
SB2439Requires insurers, mutual benefit societies, and health maintenance organizations to provide coverage for the cost of auto-injectable epinephrine for insured persons eighteen years of age or younger, beginning 1/1/2021.S 1/23/2020: Referred to CPH.
SB2462Requires, by September 1, 2020, that the department of health request the Drug Enforcement Administration to grant a federal schedule I exemption for the medical use of cannabis in Hawaii.S 1/28/2020: The committee(s) on CPH added the measure to the public hearing scheduled on 01-31-20 9:30AM in conference room 229.
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SB2476Authorizes naturopathic physicians to provide written certification to qualifying patients for medical cannabis use.S 1/28/2020: The committee(s) on CPH has scheduled a public hearing on 01-31-20 9:30AM in conference room 229.
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SB2441Establishes the health care provider loan guarantee special fund to be administered and expended by the department of health for the purpose of guaranteeing loans from private lenders to qualified health care providers.S 1/23/2020: Referred to CPH, WAM.
SB2467Provides a general excise tax exemption for medical services after December 31, 2019.S 1/23/2020: Referred to CPH, WAM.
SB2436Beginning January 1, 2024, for lodging establishments with more than fifty rooms, and January 1, 2025, for lodging establishments with fifty rooms or less, prohibits a lodging establishment from providing a small plastic bottle containing less than six ounces of a personal care product to a person staying in a sleeping room accommodation, in any space within the sleeping room accommodation, or within a bathroom shared by the public or guests. Authorizes the department of health or local agency with authority to inspect sleeping accommodations in a lodging establishment to enforce prohibition and issue written warning and assess a penalty.S 1/23/2020: Referred to CPH/EET, JDC.
SB2459Makes an appropriation to restore certain adult dental benefits to medicaid enrollees. Requires maximization of federal matching funds.S 1/23/2020: Referred to CPH/HMS, WAM.
SB2443Requires insurers, mutual benefit societies, and health maintenance organizations that provide coverage for prescription insulin drugs to cap the total amount the policyholder, member, or subscriber is required to pay at an amount not to exceed $100 per thirty-day supply of insulin, beginning 1/1/2021. Requires the insurance commissioner with the assistance of the attorney general to investigate prescription insulin drug pricing and submit a report to the legislature, governor, and general public. Appropriates funds.S 1/23/2020: Referred to CPH/JDC, WAM.
SB2444Establishes the Canadian Prescription Drug Importation Program to be implemented and administered by the department of health. Requires the department of health to obtain federal approval, make reports, and adopt rules. Appropriates funds.S 1/23/2020: Referred to CPH/PSM, WAM/JDC.
SB2451Prohibits a third party from selling or using personal information about a consumer that has been sold to the third party by a business unless the consumer has received explicit notice, provides express written consent, and is provided an opportunity to exercise the right to opt out. Specifies notification requirements for businesses.S 1/23/2020: Referred to CPH/TEC, JDC.
SB2458Appropriates funds for the department of health to create and host a website and launch a public education campaign on the effects of screen time on children and teens.S 1/23/2020: Referred to CPH/TEC, WAM.
SB2450Requires Hawaii’s public high schools to start no earlier than 8:30 a.m.S 1/23/2020: Referred to EDU, WAM.
SB2477Requires that schools where students are required to eat meals at school provide a vegetarian option as a school meal under the school meals program.S 1/23/2020: Referred to EDU, WAM.
SB2475Authorizes DOE to provide sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention training to certain staff. Requires DOE to make available to certain staff explanatory information about protocols that DOE has approved for providing services to victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking.S 1/23/2020: Referred to EDU/PSM, JDC.
SB2446Establishes the transportation energy transformation grant program to provide grants for those who purchase electric vehicles. Makes an appropriation for the transportation energy transformation grant program.S 1/23/2020: Referred to EET, WAM.
SB2454Requires the installation of photovoltaic energy systems in all new residential construction, beginning January 1, 2025. Allows for variances to be issued by the chief energy officer of the Hawaii state energy office.S 1/23/2020: Referred to EET/PSM, CPH.
SB2447Requires new parking lots and structures to install solar energy devices over as many parking spaces as practicable. Requires places of public accommodation to have at least ten per cent of parking spaces by July 1, 2020, fifty per cent of parking spaces by July 1, 2025, and seventy-five per cent of parking spaces by July 1, 2030, exclusively for electric vehicles and equipped with an electric vehicle charging system.S 1/23/2020: Referred to EET/PSM, JDC.
SB2453Requires the comptroller to cause any state building with air conditioning to set the operating temperature at no less than seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit, subject to certain exceptions.S 1/24/2020: The committee(s) on GVO has scheduled a public hearing on 01-28-20 2:45PM in conference room 225.
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SB2468Allows community rehabilitation programs for persons with disabilities to be considered qualified under the State’s procurement code without requiring federal and state certification that authorizes the payment of subminimum wage to workers in their program.S 1/23/2020: Referred to GVO/LCA/HMS, WAM.
SB2442Establishes the kauhale pilot program to provide shelter and certain services to homeless individuals. Appropriates funds for the kauhale pilot program.S 1/23/2020: Referred to HOU/GVO, WAM.
SB2472Requires and appropriates funds for the University of Hawaii John A. Burns school of medicine to establish a program that awards tuition waivers and other subsidies to up to ten students per year to cover their entire term of study at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns school of medicine.S 1/23/2020: Referred to HRE/CPH, WAM.
SB2466Increases the minimum wage in the State to fifteen dollars per hour utilizing an annual increase over a period of four years.S 1/23/2020: Referred to LCA, WAM.
SB2437Repeals the ban on electric guns. Establishes a regulatory structure for the sale and transfer of electric guns by licensed persons. Allows for the use of electric guns for self-defense, defense of another person, and protection of property. Restricts the use, storage, transfer, and disposal of electric guns. Requires training and education on electric guns. Prohibits certain individuals from possessing and using electric guns. Prohibits the use of electric guns in the commission of crimes.S 1/23/2020: Referred to PSM, JDC.
SB2456Prohibits a person who has been twice convicted within ten years of committing the offense of operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant from owning, possessing, or controlling any firearm or ammunition.S 1/23/2020: Referred to PSM, JDC.
SB2445Requires that all motor vehicles be subject to a vehicle disposal fee at the time of purchase. Appropriates funds to the counties to assist in the disposition of abandoned vehicles.S 1/23/2020: Referred to PSM, WAM.
SB2470Limits the amount a mass transit system can charge to a senior citizen or student for an annual pass to thirty five dollars.S 1/23/2020: Referred to PSM, WAM.
SB2460Prohibits the deployment of 5G in the State until a definitive research base exists finding that 5G poses no significant public health hazard.S 1/23/2020: Referred to TEC, CPH/JDC.
SB2452Amends provisions relating to the distribution of government publications to require deposit of electronic or digital copies, unless printed copies are requested.S 1/23/2020: Referred to TEC/GVO, WAM.
SB2438Prohibits the operation, sale, and lease of motor vehicles that operates on fossil fuel beginning on 1/1/2031.S 1/23/2020: Referred to TRS/CPH/AEN, JDC.
SB2457Requires the department of transportation to install two hundred fast charge electric vehicle charge systems by December 31, 2021, and an additional one thousand fast charge electric vehicle charging systems by December 31, 2025, upon certain conditions.S 1/23/2020: Referred to TRS/PSM/EET, WAM.
SB2449Requires grant-in-aid applications to list any potential environmental impacts of the grant. Requires grant-in-aid awards to be prioritized in relation to the grant’s potential environmental impacts, with highest priority given to those grants that promote the quality of the environment.S 1/23/2020: Referred to WAM.
SB2455Provides a classroom supplies income tax credit for qualified teachers. Repeals the tax credit on 12/31/2025.S 1/23/2020: Referred to WAM.
SB2471Appropriates funds to DLNR for the Puna boat ramp.S 1/23/2020: Referred to WAM.
SB3116Authorizes issuance of general obligation bonds for capital improvement projects for the Puna reginal library and the Puna agricultural park. Appropriates funds.S 1/27/2020: Referred to WAM.
SB2464Prohibits the use of firearms other than single shot long guns and rifles for the hunting of game birds in the Mauna Kea watershed and nearby hunting area.S 1/23/2020: Referred to WTL, JDC.
SB2463Allows any person with a valid hunting license to take wild or feral pigs on Mauna Kea with no bag limitation and with dogs. Appropriates funds to the department of land and natural resources to install one-way pig gates on the fencing surrounding the watershed on Mauna Kea.S 1/23/2020: Referred to WTL, WAM.
SB2440Appropriates funds for the establishment of a tree planting program, to be implemented by the Kaulunani urban and community forestry program within the department of land and natural resources’ division of forestry and wildlife, including the establishment of a community partnership coordinator position.S 1/24/2020: The committee(s) on WTL has scheduled a public hearing on 01-29-20 1:15PM in conference room 229.
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SB2448Requires any public facility or entity that receives state or county funding and discovers a beehive or swarm on its property to contract with a beekeeper for removal and destroy the beehive only as a last resort.S 1/23/2020: Referred to WTL/PSM, WAM.

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