$15 Minimum Wage Discussion on Na Leo Tv

$15 minimum wage would quickly solve our growing poverty and homelessness problems. As Democrats in a Democratic state, we could do it this year; please help me make it happen.

Here is a discussion on Na Leo Tv on the subject. Please support a living wage for Hawaii this year. Also “On Demand” at Na Leo Tv at
http://naleo.tv/ or on the air at these times:

Mon., 12/4 @ 3:00pm, , Channel 53
Tues., 12/5 @ 12:30pm, Channel 54
Wed., 12/6 @ 8:30am, , Channel 53
Thur., 12/7 @ 11:00am, Channel 54
Fri., 12/8 @ 6:30pm, , Channel 53

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